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puce Welcome to my Website
puceThanks for coming here. I presume you are here because you have some sort of interest about me. This page was made to quickly introduce myself so I hope you will find what you're looking for.

puce IT Development
puceI'm principally an independent IT engineer and mostly a certified PHP Architect. I had studies, training and professional experiences in J2EE, PERL and DotNet C#, but my heart is PHP since 1999. I try to be active the most of possible with the PHP community and I am a PHP evangelist when I can. My first love was DataBase Design and I taught it a few years in Paris 5 University for third year College after high-school students. I still use this way of thinking to architect software. I'm a Linux man and I work with Zend Studio. I have nothing against Object Oriented Programming even if I know when to not use it. Since 1999, I put my hands in almost any kind of project that can exist: small, big, short, long, well made, bizarre, nice, strange, beautiful, ugly, from scratch, to be completed, simple or complicated. I work under strong and strict confidentiality and you maybe used in the Internet some of my work without knowing I was the one who made it. My job is a lot of fun and I love it. You can hire my services from anywhere and I will take care of your projects. You will have more details in the Pro Zone:

puce Personal Life
puceI'm as well a human with a family, some dogs and a cat. I'm divorced I have a lovely daughter, Lora. Today, we live in France after having spent 6 years in South East Asia. You will have more details in the Blog part:

puce Artistic Side
puceI have passion for music. When I have time, I practice several instruments, with a preference for Electric guitar, with the Johnny Tribute Band, or with I run as well an EDM project named VEDIOVIS signed with Jaywork Music. I'm radio presenter with RLP 102.3FM and I was the manager founder of the defunct project made by immigrants in Ireland. I was more active when I was a student but you can still catch me sometimes in some pubs jamming for fun during Week Ends. You will have more details in the Arts area:

puceThis small website was made with CSS in a few hours with The Gimp and a Text editor. The XHTML is W3C valid. Thanks for enjoying it.

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